ViuLive’s Latest Update brings exciting news for streamers and viewers alike.

You heard that right! Content creators and live streamers can now monetize their streams and content on ViuLive. Viewers can also show appreciation towards their favorite content creators by sending virtual currency donations and gifts while watching a live stream or video-on-demand (VOD) on ViuLive.

By launching the Monetization feature, ViuLive aims to reward content creators and motivate them to create and produce more exciting content and share their passion with their viewers online. This feature also intends to capture more audience engagement.  Viewers are the main contributors to a channel’s viewership. By participating in online conversations, sharing the streamers’ content, and sending virtual gifts, viewers make ViuLive a more vibrant online community. To learn more about how to promote your live stream, you can read about how to effectively promote your live stream here.

In this article, we hope to cover the essential steps to set up your profile for monetization, whether you’re a content creator or a viewer who wishes to send gifts to your favorite streamers. We will also cover recent changes and upgrades in ViuLive’s UI to further improve the user experience on the platform.

ViuLive’s Latest Update: Unveils Monetization Plan

Earning money from your live streams on ViuLive is super easy with ViuLive’s Latest Update!

To get your video content monetized, you will be required to fill in your payment info for us to process your payment. We only currently support PayPal as our pay-out option. Hence, you will need to link your PayPal account to your ViuLive account to cash out your ViuBit gifts. Each unit of ViuBit is equivalent to USD 0.01, and the minimum payout is 10,000 units per transaction.

Payment info

How can you earn money on ViuLive?

Your viewers can send gifts during your live stream or on your VODs by simply clicking the “Send Gift” button located right on the video player itself, as shown below. Viewers will then be prompted to enter the amount of ViuBits they want to send as gifts, starting at 20 ViuBits up to 10,000 ViuBits. They can also send a custom amount of ViuBits.

You can also view the current amount of ViuBits in your account on this page.

Sending gift
Gift amount pop up

What else is new on ViuLive’s Latest Update

ViuLive is committed to creating a more user-friendly live-streaming platform, and that is clear in ViuLive’s Latest Update!

Access the Settings menu easily

ViuLive’s Settings menu is now more accessible just below your profile picture on the right menu drawer, as shown below.

Profile settings

We’ve also added a Profile page that shows your ViuBit balance, the ‘Edit’ profile tool, as well as your follower and following counts. The ‘Top Up’ and ‘Withdraw’ options that show your ViuBit balance can also be found here. You can access this page by simply clicking on your display picture on the right menu drawer.

Profile page

Top up your ViuBits

The ‘Top Up’ tool allows users to purchase ViuBits on their ViuLive account. By clicking on ‘Top Up,’ users are directed to a page where they can view the amount of ViuBits they can purchase and the corresponding costs. Once you select your desired amount of ViuBits, a pop-up window will appear for you to key in your purchase details. You may top up your ViuBits using your credit/debit card or PayPal account.

Payment details for top up

Withdraw your ViuBits

To withdraw your ViuBits, simply key in the amount you wish to withdraw and click the ‘Withdraw’ button. (Note that you can only withdraw a minimum of 10,000 ViuBits per transaction.) As mentioned above, we currently only support PayPal as a payout option.

Withdrawal page

Edit your profile

A more extensive “Edit Profile” page has been added to complement the new Monetization feature. On this page, you can edit your personal details, payment info, favorite categories, blocked accounts, platform theme, and change your password.

Edit profile page

Other Feature Enhancements on ViuLive’s Latest Update

As part of ViuLive’s Latest Update, the platform has updated its interface and added new features that will benefit both streamers and viewers.

Choose your favorite categories

Aside from our Monetization feature, ViuLive now allows users to add their favorite categories on the Settings menu. Doing so will add a ‘Favorites’ category on the categories menu bar at the top of the page. This option will filter videos and only display live streams and VODs that fall under your specified category. For example, if you select gaming and sports as your favorite video category, all videos that match the chosen category will be displayed under ‘Favorite’. Pretty handy to keep yourself up to date with the latest streams and VODs, right?

Favorite category : Other Feature Enhancements on ViuLive's Latest Update

Manage recommendations on your feed

Another feature enhancement we’ve implemented is the ability for users to manage their feeds better. If you select ‘All’ in the categories section when browsing videos, only the latest live streams and videos from the content creator (streamer) will be displayed. This will make your feed page less cluttered since only the latest and newest videos will be shown. Gone are the days when too many recommended videos crowd the ‘All’ section. If you wish to view more videos from a specific channel, simply click on their profile icons to see the past videos posted by the content creators.

All category revamped
Only the latest and newest videos from your favorite channels are shown in the revamped default ‘All’ categories.

As our community grows rapidly, ViuLive continues to upgrade its user interface, features, and offerings to create a more fun and engaging live-streaming experience for content creators and viewers. Furthermore, with the new Monetization feature, ViuLive aims to open more opportunities for content creators to monetize their passion and for viewers to support their favorite streamers.

Here’s a recap of the new updates and feature enhancements on ViuLive:

  • Monetization feature for content creators to earn money
  • Convenient purchase and withdrawal of ViuBits
  • More accessible Settings menu
  • More extensive Edit Profile page
  • Customizable ‘Favorites’ category
  • Less cluttered ‘All’ category

To start streaming and monetizing your content, check out our website or download the app on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

If you have any comments and suggestions on what you would like to see next on ViuLive, let us know in the comment section below!