You can stream anytime, anywhere, regardless of whether you are in an environment without a good WIFI connection. Using RTMP (Real Time Messaging Protocol) enabled action cameras & a mobile phone, you can still live stream without exposing your mobile phone to the outside environment. ViuLive empowers you to effortlessly engage in outdoor live streaming using an action camera, as long as you ensure proper installation and positioning with the help of suitable hooks and hardware.

Adventures Unleashed: Live Streaming Outdoors with Action Cameras and ViuLive

Specific action cameras, including GoPro (Hero 7 and above), MEVO PLUS, and YI-4k, support RTMP protocols for real-time streaming using the mobile data plan.

However, the success of this method relies on the strength of your mobile phone signal and can consume significant amounts of mobile data during extended streaming sessions.

Step-by-Step: Action Cameras and ViuLive for Outdoor Live Broadcasts

A simple way to set up outdoor live streaming is by using ViuLive mobile app.

  • To begin, log in to the app and choose either “Group-Live” or “Schedule.”
  • Then access the menu to add your RTMP camera and provide the necessary information.
  • Select “Go Live!” to generate the stream URL and key and copy this for later use.
An example of a stream URL and stream key. | The Ultimate Outdoor Live Streaming Experience
An example of a stream URL and stream key in the Viulive app.
  •  Next, launch the action camera mobile app.
  • Establish the camera-mobile connection, and depending on your camera type, access the live stream option and select RTMP settings.

Next, configure the camera network settings to broadcast to the server using your mobile data. You can easily facilitate this process by activating your mobile hotspot, allowing the camera to recognize it as an available WIFI option. You can refer to our user manuals documentation for where we’ve covered this more in-depth. Next, paste the stream URL and stream key generated earlier. That’s it, and you are ready to go live. As a side note, in our experience of trying all the combinations of mobiles & cameras, GoPro seems to be designed to do live streaming using mobiles or modems as hotspots. However, its operation as of this date has proven to be inconsistent.

“In our experience of trying all the combinations of the mobiles & cameras, GoPro seems to be designed to do live streaming using mobiles or modems as hotspots, but its operation as of this date has proven inconsistent.”

Capturing Life’s Adventures

The above-suggested method works for most action cameras supporting RTMP with most mobiles. However, we have seen some combinations that do not work consistently or adequately correctly. For these cases and for better stream quality and user-friendliness, we suggest using a portable 4G GSM modem. This device will act as a portable WIFI connection and, in theory, will have better coverage and stability due to less signal noise than your mobile phones.

An example of a 4G MIFI broadband router
An example of a 4G GSM modem

Setting Up a 4G GSM modem is easy. All you need is the broadband router itself and a sim card with an active internet plan. You can refer to any service provider’s website for more in-depth information about their data plans. To use this method, simply insert the sim card into the broadband router, turn it on, and you’re ready.  The 4G GSM modem will have its own SSID and password just like a normal WIFI connection. To connect, simply choose the connection SSID and key in the password. 


It should be noted using a dedicated device acting as a WIFI connection, such as this modem, the camera app could detect the signal much better compared to just using your mobile hotspot.