Introducing an easier way to sort your contents and discovering streamers on ViuLive with categories and tags.

As the ViuLive community grows, we would like to make it easier for the audience to discover the contents and streamers they’ll love. Today, we are launching a newly revamped UI focusing on user’s overall experience for both streamers and the audience.

Previously, we have already introduced tags as a way to discover specific streamers and contents. However, we realised that tags can be too subjective to narrow down the contents that is appealing to a specific group of audience. Today, with the release of the new version of the app, we have launched a new UI that supports categories to better aid streamers to classify their streams and for the audience to choose the most appealing content to watch.


Categories helps the streamers to classify their broadcasts based on the contents. We have segmented this into a few major ones such as:

Streamer category UI
Streamer category UI
  • Sports
  • Gaming
  • Lifestyle
  • Arts music and entertainment
  • News, events and travel
  • Pets and animals
  • Education
  • General

These separated categories help the audience to narrow the search on the contents they wish to watch. Once a category is selected, it will only display the VODs that has been assigned to that category, hence, viewers don’t have to spend time scrolling through videos that is not relevant to what you are interested in.

Category UI for audience
Category UI for audience


Tags helps you to further differentiate your desired stream from the rest. Let’s take a specific example in the pc gaming category. In an instance where there are 5 streamers playing the same game as you are, including tags helps to further make your stream appealing compared to others.

Tags helps to specify your stream content to the audiences when browsing through the “gaming” category. Like the stream title itself, tags can be filled and customized in the caption page itself before the content creator starts streaming.

New stream UI.

A whole new revamped stream UI
A whole new revamped stream UI

We have also launched a dramatically new UI aimed to make live streaming on our platform more straight forward and increase its overall user friendliness. Gone! is the old requirement to have to specify a camera brand and naming it. The RTMP code generation is automatic and more straightforward. All you need to do is to add as many cameras as needed.

Easily add RTMP stream sources by clicking the "Add RTMP Streams" button.
Easily add RTMP stream sources by clicking the “Add RTMP Streams” button.
Generated RTMP URL and Stream key.

For gaming category, the RTMP is also automatically set to display the stream key as is required for software mixers such as OBS, Vmix, xsplit and so on.

Generated RTMP URL and Stream key for encoders/software mixers
Generated RTMP URL and Stream key for encoders/software mixers