*Note: For normal users, the default settings should work just fine. Most of the points we mentioned below are directed for more advanced users.*

Recommended setup for live streaming:

  • Ethernet cable connection for maximum quality and stability, when using PC. (Direct Lan Connection)
  • WIFI environment with 5G in closed space/distance
  • WIFI environment with 2.4G in wider space/distance
  • 4G LTE for open area with Modem (For outdoor live streaming)
  • 4G LTE for open area with Mobile HotSpot2 (Stream quality may differ due to mobile phones have more signal noise).

Using these recommended setups will ensure better and stable connection. We would also recommend these settings for the following:

  • 1080 FHD (full HD) resolution with high bitrate (2-5) mbps
  • 720 HD resolution with high bitrate (1.5- 4) mbps
  • FPS (frame per second) should be 25 or 30 for normal movements and 50 or 60 for fast movements (for better results)

As a side note, ViuLive supports SD (480p), HD (720p) and FHD (1080p) quality up to 5Mbps bandwidth/bitrate. Unfortunately, QHD(2k) and UHD(4k) is not supported and will be disconnected from our platform. We only support h.264 codec for RTMP protocol and broadcasting so if you use other type video compression technology or codec, you will lose most of platforms and OS support for playback.

Our platforms are open for any kind of software like OBS, etc… or RTMP camera as long as it uses the standards mentioned above. More details on this are such as:

  1. If you find at any software config mentioned (keyframe interval or Iframe key) it is recommended to adjust it to 2 second for best results
  2. If you find group of pictures (GOP) at config it is recommend to double the amount compared to frame per second (FPS) for best results for example if you use 30 FPS so GOP should be 60 which is equal to multiple of 2 to fps. Example would be 30 fps = 60 gop

Another important points to take note of:

  • Better inputs (high bitrate and stable connection) lead to high quality outputs (Live and VOD)
  • Bad inputs (low bitrate and unstable connection) lead to low quality outputs (Live and VOD)
  • Landscape mode is always better for wide screen with 16/9 aspect ratio. However, portrait mode with 4/3 aspect ratio is acceptable.