1. Mevo Camera app (Mevo 2.0)
  2. Wifi Enabled Smartphone
  3. ViuLive mobile app (IOS/Android)

Step 1.

  • Launch the ViuLive app.
  • Register/Login with your prefered login method.
  • Tap on “Advanced Live” from the menu.
  • Select a category based on your stream content.
  • Fill in the stream title and caption.
  • Tap on “Add RTMP streams“.
  • Tap on “Go Live” and proceed to tap the RTMP option.
  • Copy the Stream URL and Stream Key.

Step 2.

  • Turn the camera on and launch the Mevo 2.0 app on your smartphone.
Mevo app
  • Mevo app will automatically detect the Mevo camera. Configure Mevo camera network connection to Mevo hotspot.
Mevo interface
Network settings
  • Tap on connect once the network is connected.
  • Tap on the Record button (Displayed Red on the bottom left of your screen)
setting up
  • Tap on RTMP option.
  • Tap on New RTMP.
new rtmp
  • Fill the the stream name (Viulive)
  • Paste the previously generated Stream URL and the Stream Key.
custom rtmp
  • Tap on Add at the top right corner.
  • Tap on “Go Live” red button on the top right corner of your screen.
finishing up
  1. Return to ViuLive app.
  2. Tap on “Start Broadcast”
  3. Tap on “Start”
  4. You are now Live with RTMP and on-board mobile camera!