“Mobile gaming has changed the way people approach games. With just a smartphone or tablet, gamers can immerse themselves in a world of endless possibilities, anytime and anywhere.”

The mobile phone is undoubtedly one of the most versatile gadgets we can use today. With the advancement of hardware and software technology, smartphones serve as more than just a basic communication tool for calling and texting. One of the features smartphones and some apps are now capable of is live streaming.

Live streaming with a phone has become popular because of its accessibility and simplicity. All you need to do is just download and install the app, sign up, and you’re good to go. However, this only applies when you live stream using your phone’s camera. How about when you want to set up a screen capture on your mobile device?

As smartphone technology undergoes breakthrough after breakthrough, mobile gaming has amassed its own market in the gaming industry. Back in the day, mobile games consisted only of simple puzzles or some sort of RPG games, which people played just to kill time on the go. Nowadays, mobile games are much more than that. Mobile gaming has become its own genre. Competitive e-sport titles are taking over the mobile space just as much as they did on PC and console. With the rising popularity of multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), such as PUBG Mobile and Mobile Legends, e-sports games are rapidly gaining traction in the gaming industry.

Gaming Live Streams: Unleash Your Gaming Prowess

Live game streams used to be capitalized only by PC gamers. In recent years, mobile game broadcasting has taken over the live game streaming category like a storm. If you’re into gaming, sharing your gameplay skills via live stream is the best way to capitalize on this growing trend.

Live streaming from your mobile devices has its own set of setups and requirements you need to take note of. One important requirement is choosing a live-streaming platform, such as ViuLive.

ViuLive is a unique live streaming app that allows you to seamlessly stream and broadcast live content from multiple camera locations and angles. ViuLive is free to download on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

In this article, we will discuss a couple of methods and setups that will enable you to live stream your gameplay from your mobile phone on the ViuLive platform.

Using Streamlabs mobile app

The simplest way to live stream your gaming is to download the Streamlabs mobile app, which is available on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

First, you need to download both the ViuLive and Streamlabs apps. Once you’ve installed these apps on your mobile device, you may follow the steps below to set up your live game stream.

  • Launch the ViuLive mobile app and enter your credentials to create a free account.
ViuLive feed page
Login/Sign up page
  • Tap on the Advanced Live button at the bottom of the interface and choose a live stream category.
Stream categories
  • Afterward, Enter the event details of your live stream and tap on Add RTMP Streams. You can name the camera source if you like, or just leave it as it is.
Event details page
  • Tap on the Go Live button to generate the RTMP key, and copy the stream URL and stream key.
RTMP Url and stream key
  • Launch the Streamlabs app and enter your credentials. In this case, you need to use the Custom RMTP option.
Streamlabs login page
  • Key in or simply paste the stream URL and stream key to the designated fields. Tap on save.
Streamlabs RTMP page
  • Choose how you plan to use Streamlabs. For mobile game live streaming, select the ‘Stream your games’ option. Complete the succeeding steps to ensure that your phone can capture your screen.
Streaming option
  • Tap on the Menu icon and select Screen Capture. Then select the Custom RTMP Server from the drop-down menu.
Streamlabs user menu
  • Key in the stream title and description in the columns provided, and tap save.
Streamlabs event details
  • Streamlabs will notify you that you’ll be able to use the screen recording function directly in the app itself.
  • Launch the mobile game app that you will be streaming.
  • Slide to access the Settings bar, and tap on Screen Recording. Select Streamlabs and start your broadcast.
Screen recording

That’s it, you’re live!

Using a capture card

Another way to live stream from your phone is to use a capture card from your phone to your PC. However, this method requires a bit more resources than the other method mentioned above. You will need a capture card and mixer software, such as OBS, Streamlabs, and XSplit on your PC.

Here’s what you need to do.

  • Launch the ViuLive app or web.
  • Select Advanced Live, and choose your live stream category.
  • Type in the event details for your live stream, and tap on Add RTMP Streams. You can name the camera source if you like or just leave it as it is.
  • Tap on Go Live to generate the RTMP key, and copy the stream URL and stream key.
  • Also, Connect the phone cables to your phone and the capture card.
  • Plug the capture card into your PC.
  • On the mixer software, in this case, Streamlabs, select New Source, then Video Capture Device. Choose the corresponding device, and click Done.
Streamlabs software
Adding sources
Video capture source
  • Next, click on Settings. Select Stream, and choose Custom Streaming Server. Paste the stream URL and stream key in the designated fields provided, and click Done.
Custom RTMP stream setting
  • Once you’re ready, simply click Go Live.

Now, you’re live!

Live streaming on mobile is pretty straightforward. If you wish to broadcast your mobile gameplay, there are a few setups required. In terms of technical difficulty, I would personally rate it 4/10 due to the easy and simple steps outlined above.

Have you tried live streaming your mobile gameplay? Share with us your experience in the comments section below!