Yes that is exactly right.

The ability to live stream content these days has become a massive subject that more and more are beginning to exploit.

Over the last decade the ability to stream content has gotten more and more popular. Today, streaming has many commercial uses from entertainment to large scale marketing campaigns. 

So, imagine the benefit of being able to live stream with the use of multiple cameras all by using your phone or by LTE modems.

Using a mobile phone for live streaming
Using a mobile phone for live streaming

2020 has made many of us dependent on streaming technology in one way or another. At work, you may be using it to have your daily team huddles or even your client meetings. In your personal life, hands up who has not received an invite to a Zoom birthday party invite as yet. 

ViuLive can now give you the ability to not only live stream from your phone or PC but to add multiple cameras to your live stream. Allowing you the choice to capture and the viewers to view the entire story from many angles and locations. 

Many around the world have had to completely revamp important life events during the last 6 months. Some events like graduations have simply had to be cancelled. Sadly, many have had to go ahead with events and other celebrations without having their close friends and family around. While you may not be able to have all your friends and family physically there, with ViuLive broadcasting you have an opportunity to have them see, enjoy and be part of every aspect of your special event making it possible for them to feel like they are right there at the location. 

What’s more, ViuLive allows the viewer to actively take part in the events, either by reactions and comments, or why not join the live stream and stream directly from your location to take part in the event, maybe even raise a toast on the special day.  ViuLive takes the sense of distance away allowing those viewing the live stream to have a better feel of participating. 

There was a time where you needed very expensive equipment in order to record in multi-camera and then more bits and bobs in order to edit, mix and be able to live stream the content. The process was tedious and required expertise’ that most of us do not have and quite frankly do not have the time to learn. With ViuLive you do not need the expensive camera equipment, accessories and the software to put together your multi-broadcast live stream. You just need a phone and additional RTMP cameras or a PC and few USB cameras. 

That is how ViuLive makes things simpler; we have made it effortless to make sure that you are ready to live stream whenever and wherever you are. You just need to have the app and ViuLive does the rest. This leaves you to be as creative as you want to be with your content. Because when you are a creator, you need the right tools at your fingertips. ViuLive lets your creativity flow.

ViuLive, the app that lets you create more.