Content creators are always looking for ways to engage their audience. Streaming live content brings other challenges in engaging the viewer; ViuLive is the app you need to take your content to the next level.

Streaming live content creatively is challenging. ViuLive solves this by connecting multiple cameras in different locations, capturing engaging subject coverage, and creating a context for viewers.

Production value is key to ensuring your stream content is visually appealing enough to creatively capture the subject and engage your viewers.

Toggle between angles and sources to give your content a professional touch and enhance production quality.

Live Streaming Made Simple With ViuLive
The Rise of Viulive: Redefining Multi-Camera Streaming for a New Era

This is one of the key features of ViuLive; it enables you to link multiple cameras (WiFi, USB, or Mobile) in multiple locations to stream your content. Moreover, the viewer can choose the view they wish to watch.

Making Streaming Fun and Effortless: The ViuLive Multi-Camera Experience for Events

Let us put it in a real-world scenario so that you can understand its potential. 

Imagine, for example, a sporting event like motor racing. With ViuLive, you would be able to stream using multiple cameras in multiple locations around the entire length of the track.

Moreover, ViuLive would make it possible to live stream from cameras inside each vehicle to provide viewers an inside look at their favorite driver as they take each track lap.

Even if you weren’t a fan of racing, the ability to be right there in the driver’s seat would be exhilarating to watch. With static cameras set up along the track, you could provide the viewer with multiple angles to watch the race.

Multi-Camera Live Streaming at ViuLive app

Afterward, ViuLive extends beyond sports and works well for formal events like seminars and also panel discussions. With multiple cameras streaming from different angles, ViuLive enables high-quality production, also seamless switching between subjects/speakers, and a comprehensive event view.


Ultimately, ViuLive can bring your content to the next level with the ability to stream from multiple sources and locations.

As a creator, you can capture multiple subjects throughout an event and ensure that it is captured.

As a viewer, you can also choose which camera, location, or angle you will watch the event from.

ViuLive simplifies the process of creating live content. Point your camera at the subject and start streaming, as the app takes care of the rest.