• OBS software (
  • Laptop or PC
  • Wi-Fi/ Hotspot/ Cable Internet Connection
  • Web Browser (chrome, Firefox, Safari etc…)

To Start

  1. Login to Viulive website
  2. Click on “Advanced Live” from the drop down menu.
  3. Select a category based on your stream content. If youre planning to stream games, simply click on the gaming category
  4. Fill in the stream title, captions and tags if you have any.
  5. Click on “Go Live”. Once in the stream dashboard, a stream url and key page will be displayed.
  6. Copy the generated Stream Url and Stream Key

OBS Software

Step 1

  1.  Install OBS software to your Laptop/PC
  2.  Launch OBS program
  3.  Add new Scene to Scenes box at left Side
  4.  Then add/choose Media Source using Sources Box next to Scenes Box [Camera – Video, Webpage etc…]
  5.  Config Audio Source using Audio Mixer Box
  6.  Click on Settings button at right menu
  7.  Click/Choose “Stream” option from left menu
  8.  Then for Service field choose “Custom”
  9.  Paste Stream URL (highlighted yellow) to stream server column.
  10.  Paste Stream Key (highlighted red) Stream key column.
  11.  Uncheck “use authentication” box

Step 2

  1. Click “Output” from left side menu
  2.  Choose “output Mode” to be Advanced
  3.  Set Bitrate option to preferred value [2000, 3000, 4000] (to be less than 4500)
  4.  Set Audio Bitrate option to preferred value [48000, 64000, 92000, 128000] from top option menu (optional)
  5.  Set Rate Control to CBR
  6.  Set Key-frame interval(seconds) to 2
  7.  Set Preset to very fast or medium
  8.  Set profile to Main/Baseline
  9.  Click Video on the left side menu
  10.  Set resolution to 1280×720 (HD)
  11.  Set FPS to 30
  12.  Click Ok button at bottom to save and finish configuration step
  13.  Click Start Streaming from right controls menu to start live streaming to our servers.
  14.  Congrats you are live now