“Multi-camera setup is like a symphony of perspectives, where each camera becomes an instrument, harmoniously blending together to create a captivating visual composition.”

Traditionally, live streaming, especially for amateur users, has relied on one camera showing one angle at a time. To capture various angles and perspectives, professional users can enhance their streams by incorporating multiple cameras, encoding software, and also hardware switchers.

In some cases, a production team or stream technician may assist in planning and executing these elements during the live stream. This has always been the case with the current platform offerings that provide the user with a single-screen interface. Even with multiple cameras, you can only project a single display at a time for the viewers.

Unlocking the Power of Multi-Camera Streaming: Elevating Indoor Broadcasting

Camera setup hugely depends on what type of content you wish to broadcast. As a set example, let’s take a scenario such as a seminar in an auditorium. Aim to capture the center stage for ideal coverage, two additional cameras for side profiles, and one for audience reactions. Afterward, Existing platforms typically limit broadcasting to one scene at a time, requiring a switcher between cameras and an encoder to display different angles of a speaker. Here are some examples of camera setups for this purpose as a reference.

Examples of Multi-Camera Setup in an auditorium
Examples of camera positioning in an auditorium
A real life example of a multi-camera setup in an auditorium
A real-life example of a multi-camera setup in an auditorium

This is where ViuLive comes in. A next-generation live streaming platform that allows each user to add up to 20 cameras in a single stream event. As an audience, you’ll have up to 20 multiple angles/perspectives to choose from and watch up to 6 simultaneously. This empowers content creators to offer various views in their streams, letting the audience choose their preferred viewing angle. There are no limitations to what camera you can use; any USB-type camera, such as a webcam, a camera that relies on RTMP protocol, or even a production-grade or DSLR camera, would work with a capture card.

You can read more about setting up a DSLR camera for live streaming here.

Multiple camera providing multiple viewing angle
Multiple cameras providing multiple viewing angles

Designing a Multi-Camera Setup for Indoor Broadcasts

Eliminate the need for encoding software and switches by broadcasting all camera displays simultaneously with our multi-screen display. Viewers can choose their preferred camera angles or immerse themselves by watching from multiple angles. Participating is simple – just enter the join code provided by the group admin to start broadcasting.

Streaming with a mobile phone
Streaming with a mobile phone

Another feature of our app is its ease of use. You don’t need a professional production-grade camera to broadcast. The possibilities are limitless, as our app is built from the ground up with consideration to different camera types, brands, and even mobile phones.

Basically, everyone can be a streamer with a simple push of a button!