Have you ever watched a video and wondered, “I wish I could see a better camera angle”? Those are the typical pains we experience when watching videos that are broadcasted using a single-view camera.

Multi-camera streaming isn’t something new. Most live streamers have already integrated multi-camera to their broadcast using OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) settings. OBS allows you to add and remove any input source at will. For example, if you have 2 or more cameras, you can simply plug it into your computer, turn it on, and register it as a video capture input source in your OBS.

However, all these sources will be compiled into a single screen or will need to be controlled by a stream production to switch between them. By doing so, the viewers are still not able to choose which camera angle they would really wish to view.

This is how ViuLive can enhance your live streaming experience.

Dedicated multi-camera support

ViuLive is a groundbreaking app, with dedicated multi-camera support that allows you to broadcast from multiple cameras without the need to use any encoder and mixer software. If you have a bunch of cameras lying around, which natively supports RTMP protocol, you can use it to broadcast to ViuLive directly. Pretty handy, right? You can learn more about how to setup RTMP cameras by heading to our application notes here.

Native multi-view display

ViuLive multi-view display in action.
ViuLive multi-view display in action.

The ViuLive app also natively supports multi-view display. Essentially, what it means is that you can choose to watch all the output simultaneously, or select a single or more screen you wish to watch at a given time. The beauty of this is it gives you (yes you!), the audience, the power to choose whichever camera angle gives you the best viewing experience.

If you’re a broadcaster, ViuLive is the perfect app that will bring your live stream to the next level. Forget huge production costs, additional gadgets like the stream deck, or a stream producer, when you can give your audience the freedom to choose the camera shot angle they wish to see. Rather than worrying and frantically switching between cameras, you can just focus on interacting with your audience and providing them with the best quality content. What more, ViuLive’s multi-view display can support up to six different screens simultaneously.

Seamless group live streaming

ViuLive offers numerous perks. With the app’s multi-view display, broadcasting as a group becomes a breeze. The app enables every group member to stream multiple live camera feeds simultaneously from different locations or devices, so viewers can watch all members on a single live stream.

Have you ever streamed competitive e-sport gameplay? Let’s take Dota 2, for example — a game with complex mechanics, technical gameplay, on-the-fly decision making, and a group of 5 players each playing a different role in the team. Imagine these 5 players broadcasting their gameplay on ViuLive. You, as the audience, can choose to watch a specific player and follow the role playstyle you find interesting and suitable to your taste. 

Aside from game streaming, which is probably the most popular trend among live streamers, using ViuLive’s multi-view display can give your channel endless possibilities. Multi-view displays can make your racing, musical performances, or talk show content, to name a few, more interesting and engaging. In fact, any type of broadcast that’s using multiple cameras could benefit from using ViuLive’s integrated multi-view display.

To learn more about ViuLive, check out our website or download the app on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Do you have any other tips on how to up your live streaming using multiple cameras and ViuLive’s multi-view display? Let us know in the comment section below!