Group Live Streaming helps you unlock the power of gaming unity and let your streams be the catalyst that brings gamers together.

The gaming industry is taking over the world by storm these days. Gamers are individuals or groups who spend most of their time playing computer games. Back then, gaming was mainly considered a pastime activity or hobby to most people. However, nowadays, gaming alone can be a career for some with live streaming.

There are multiple live-streaming platforms out there for gamers to choose from to broadcast their gameplay. Each with its own features, user base, and exposure.


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For example, some platforms may be easier for users to grow their fan base; while some may provide higher-quality video transcoding. However, how to broadcast your multiplayer gameplay in a single broadcast event? Not many platforms have offered this feature until now.

Current platform offerings | Group live streaming for gamers.
Current platform offerings showcase only 1 perspective.

Group Live Streaming on ViuLive to Show Off Your Skills

This is where ViuLive’s multi-view broadcast & display comes in handy, instead of just broadcasting your gameplay individually. Now you can broadcast as a group, and the audience may watch up to 6 different displays simultaneously. Previously, the audience had to focus on a single player’s perspective.

ViuLive tackles this problem by empowering viewers to watch all perspectives at once or choose which perspective they wish to see.

For example, games such as Dota 2 require good communication and teamwork among the team members. Roles such as carry, off-lane, support, mid-lane, and roamer require different play styles and skills to execute properly. How about during a team fight? Some roles may have to be in the front line tanking the hits. While some focus on damage output and support.

The traditional streaming platform, which allows one perspective at a time; does not capture the essence of teamwork in such games.

Viulive's multi-viu display
Viulive’s multi-View display showcasing 2 different user’s perspective

Streamers still have customization options to add to their stream. Users can use encoders such as OBS to add custom overlays.

In ViuLive, users can simply set up their OBS by clicking “Group-Live” and adding an RTMP camera to generate the Stream URL and Stream Key to configure the streaming server output.

Learn more about setting up OBS for Viulive Platform here.


In conclusion, group live streaming for gamers has revolutionized the gaming community, bringing players closer together and enhancing the multiplayer experience. With platforms like ViuLive offering multi-view broadcasts, gamers can showcase their skills and teamwork, allowing audiences to enjoy multiple perspectives simultaneously. This innovative approach captures the essence of cooperative gameplay and offers viewers a more immersive and engaging viewing experience.

So, whether you’re a gamer looking to share your adventures with a team or an enthusiastic viewer seeking thrilling multiplayer action, group live streaming opens up a world of multiplayer magic. Get ready to embrace the power of gaming unity, connect with fellow gamers, and let your streams be the catalyst that brings the gaming community together.

Let the multiplayer magic begin!